Mission Electric's record-setting motorcycle is dead

Electric motorcycle enthusiasts have been waiting a long time for the Mission RS, and that wait is finally over. Just not in a satisfying way. Mission Electric has announced it has filed for bankruptcy, effectively killing an impressive all-electric super-bike that its been teasing since 2010. The RS set records at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, helped the company secure a spot on the team behind Harley Davidson's Project LiveWire and even caught the attention of Jay Leno -- but none of that brought in the revenue Mission Electric needed to survive. "I have struggled to rescue the business to find a buyer for the assets," co-founder Mark Seeger said during recent court proceedings. "To date, we have not earned any cash / revenue of any kind."

The company's financial troubles are a shame, but not too much of a surprise -- since the Mission R and RS' announcement back in 2013, the firm has faced lawsuits, unexpected restructuring and multiple shipping delays. Still, it's a shame: the electric motorcycle's 163HP motor, 100-mile+ battery life and fancy HUD information system held a lot of promise. We're sad to see it go. Hopefully, someone will pick up will Mission Electric left off.