PlayStation 4 is getting a price cut in Japan

If you were holding off on a price drop before buying a PlayStation 4, I hope you're living in Japan. Sony just announced that its latest home console is getting a price cut to 35,000 yen (around $300) in the region, starting October 1st. You might be asking how this affects everyone else. Well, for starters this is a Sony sanctioned price cut and this is the first official one for the PS4. With the upcoming Paris Games Week (that Sony's pledged to be at in a big way) this could very well signal a price drop in Europe. And then we have the upcoming PlayStation Experience show in the United States later this year, which could see the asking price drop domestically too.

We didn't get any new info on how the system is selling worldwide, but this coupled with the official name for Project Morpheus PlayStation VR is at least something from the otherwise lackluster pre-Tokyo Game Show keynote.