Microsoft working on fix for phones borked by Windows 10 update

When Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 to Insider users earlier this week, it probably didn't expect it to break user's phones. It did. Turns out,the update was only meant for certain devices, but a device check glitch allowed non-support devices to see, download and apply the new build. That's bad -- but Microsoft is trying to fix it.

According to Microsoft's Gabriel Aul, installing the update on non-supported devices will essentially break the phone -- and the only way to fix it is to reflash back to the factory image, which most users probably don't have. There's no fix available for users who have already installed the mislabeled build, but Microsoft says it's on the case. ""We're working on repair options for the devices that were not supported but got the latest build," Aul said on Twitter. "This is a high priority for us to solve and have a team dedicated to it. We will let you know as soon as we have info on recovery." Best course of action right now? Turn off Windows Insider updates, follow @GabeAul on Twitter, and wait.