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Sonos app hints at new speaker with gesture control

Keeping your new product secret until launch is a tricky business. Especially when you want to co-launch an update to your mobile app with renders and guides for said new product. A beta version of the Sonos app popped up online, and was promptly unpacked, and sifted through over at Zatznotfunny -- revealing images of a speaker not in the current Sonos range. The renders offer no sense of scale, so it's hard to say if the device could be something like a Play:6, or whether one of the (now years old) existing products is getting a facelift -- but there's definitely a sleeker, more modern design language going on. Perhaps most interesting, is that the renders hint at swipe/gesture control in lieu of buttons. Always (and literally) a nice touch. Right now that's all we have to go on, but we like what we see.