YouTube will soon support game streaming from Android phones

Google has revealed that you'll soon be able to stream Android smartphone or tablet games directly to YouTube without any additional software or hardware. The incoming feature will also let you add video and audio commentary via your device's front camera and a headset, and you'll be able to record and upload game play clips to YouTube from Google Play Games. YouTube Gaming head Ryan Wyatt unveiled the feature at the Tokyo Game Show, and Japan will be the first nation to get it.

"Japan's mobile games define its gaming culture, far more so than in other countries," said Wyatt, explaining why Google elected to launch it there. YouTube has high hopes for its YouTube Gaming service in general, but is still a minor player next to Twitch. However, the app received high marks right out of the gate for its sleek interface, and a lot of additional folks will get to try it when it arrives on Android. As for when that will be, the company just said "soon."