Comcast fined $33 million for publishing unlisted numbers

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Comcast fined $33 million for publishing unlisted numbers

Comcast will pay $33.4 million in restitution after California found that the firm had broadcast the personal details of customers who paid for unlisted service. The issue centers around 75,000 users whose names, numbers and addresses were available in the company's online directory. Rubbing more salt into the wound, this data was also made available in several rural telephone books and, critically, via nationwide directory assistance. If you're asking us, publishing the names, addresses and phone numbers of people online, in print and on the internal directory seems like it's stretching the definition of "unlisted."

Comcast was found to be in breach of its obligations by a super group of state bodies including California's Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Justice. The firm will be asked to stump up $25 million in fines to the state, as well as refund the service fees of the 75,000 affected users. In addition, those customers will also get $100 by way of an apology, which may come as little consolation if people were trying to avoid those nuisance callers. Comcast will also have to check in with the CPUC for the next three years to make sure it's improving its compliance procedures.

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