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New circular Chromecast rumored for later this month

New circular Chromecast rumored for later this month
Mariella Moon
Mariella Moon|@mariella_moon|September 18, 2015 3:21 AM

The second-generation Chromecast will come with quite a list of new features and won't even look the same anymore, according to 9to5google. The website has published what it says are a couple of internal images, and as you can see below, the streaming stick might take on a balloon-like appearance (in three different colors!) in its next iteration. 9to5google also found that the next Chromecast might have better WiFi connection, which could mean that it supports the 802.11ac band. Another possible upcoming feature called "Fast Play" will apparently enable the device to connect more quickly to a TV, since the current version sometimes takes a while to establish a stable link.

In addition, Google's reportedly planning to give the device the power to plug directly into a speaker using a cord, to support a multi-room speaker set-up and to mirror the audio playing on a Chrome browser or an Android device. Finally, the internal documents indicate that Mountain View will be formally launching the second-gen Chromecast on September 29th, along with new Nexus devices, so check back that day if you want to know its final specs and details.

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New circular Chromecast rumored for later this month