YouTube Gaming: Live Streaming coming to Google Play Games

YouTube Gaming – Is the ultimate live streaming platform recently unveiled by YouTube, which enables gamers to access & play games streamed live to their gaming console. YouTube Gaming has over 25000 live games which are updated daily & set to change gaming.

It is quite clear Google is clearly very determined about its drive into streaming live games. YouTube Gaming was launched recently, and now we seem to be getting a lot more information on future plans to provide screen recording, plus, live streaming of the best games on Android to YouTube Gaming. Highly intriguing, it seems as though Google may apply the functionality straight onto Google Play Games.

Plus, recently at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show Keynote, Google announced that it will be making it a reality of streaming games from Android to YouTube Gaming, plus, it appears the process of streaming your gaming sessions to YouTube Gaming will all start in the Google Play Games application. The coding geeks based at AndroidPolice have stated that the unique coding snippets, plus, a number of icon assets have already started sneaking their way into the Play Games app v3.3, however, the majority of the screen casting functions still remain within the YouTube Gaming application.

YouTube Gaming

However, it could be that making the video recording function more available in a lot more games would make things farther simpler to do via Google Play Games. Also, most people think the YouTube Gaming application is more suited for watching videos.

In most cases, the early coding snippets show various options for 480p & 720p recording capabilities, but this is not the case for 1080p, so this indicates it probably will not be ready by the time of its launch date.

Also, there are basic symbols for turning the front-facing camera and microphone on and off, with extra floating execution buttons for similar or alternative record buttons.

However, it does seem that more research is needed in order to add the full functionality to enable Playing Games, so overall it's not clear when the new options will be available. If we were to take a guess we may discover more information at Google's next press conference scheduled to take place by the end of this month. They will also be discussing new features like YouTube live Gaming recording, plus, streaming would be perfect for the occasion.

Plus, they have set up a gaming subscription for individuals who would like to get monthly and yearly discounts on the YouTube Gaming platform, that enables gamers to access the archive of 25000 live games and videos for less using their provided VIP passes.