BuzzFeed's Apple Watch app is a needy virtual pet

When you install an Apple Watch companion app, you typically expect something that reflects the experience you get on your iPhone. News on your phone means news on your wrist, for instance. That's definitely not the case for BuzzFeed's app, though -- instead, you're treated to nothing less than a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet. Install it and you'll have to keep a gem-like critter happy by traveling, eating pizza, listening to music on its couch and otherwise hanging out. The experience will seem more than a little familiar if you had one of these digital pets as a kid (read: it may get annoying over time), but it's at least easier to deal with on a watch than it is hanging off your keychain. And let's face it, this is probably going to be more entertaining than scrolling through GIF-heavy list articles on a tiny screen.