Playdate: Racing into action with 'Skylanders Superchargers'

If you have an undying love of weird monsters, action-adventure video games, expensive collectible toys and wacky vehicles, you've come to the right place: Tim Seppala and I are about to play Skylanders Superchargers. That's right, the franchise that kicked off the toys-to-life trend is now in its 5th generation, enticing veteran players to dust off their figure collections for an all new gimmick -- planes, boats and automobiles. As for us? This is our first Skylanders game, ever. Come join us at 6 pm ET / 3 pm PT to find out if it's a good starting point for new players. As always, you can watch our broadcast on this very post, the Engadget Gaming homepage or, if you want to chat along with us, head over to While you're there, hit the heart button below the streaming window to give us a follow.

Engadget Playdate: Racing Into Action with 'Skylanders Superchargers'

[We're streaming Skylanders Superchargers on PlayStation 4 and at 720p through OBS. Rest assured, this game will look much better on your setup at home.]