Nextbit's cloud-friendly phone is heading to Sprint, too

After adding Verizon to its list of carriers last week, Nextbit announced today that its Robin phone would be available on Sprint as well. When it was first announced, the cloud-focused handset was only available for AT&T and T-Mobile customers, but the company tacked on two more networks since. This means customers on all four of the big-name carriers in the US will be able to pick up a Robin. With a week to go, Nextbit has raised over $1.2 million (and counting) via Kickstarter for the project. When the campaign ends, backers will be able to choose between the GSM or CDMA version of the device via a survey. Nextbit also revealed what would be included in the box with an image of the matching quick charger, charging cable and SIM pin. If you're still considering one, you'll have to commit $349 to secure it in the next seven days.