Oculus VR is getting Twitch streaming soon, Netflix today

At the Oculus Connect 2 event, the virtual reality company just announced that it's getting a number of video services streaming to VR. The biggest one, Netflix is going to launch an app "in about 20 minutes", but Twitch, Hulu, Vimeo and more are going to be right behind it. We didn't get a ton of details on the experience, but we expect to see something like the current Oculus Cinema, where viewers can watch movies in a virtual theater. For the Twitch app, viewers will be able to chat and comment on gaming streams they're watching too. The slide at the event also showed logos for Facebook (obviously), Fox, Lionsgate and even TiVo.

Hulu provided some details and pictures for its app, promising to stream both its existing 2D content and short-form stuff built for VR. First up for VR is a short film it's making with RocketJump and Lionsgate, called The Big One. For viewing environments, it's building areas based on shows like its own original Difficult People, and Seinfeld. Hulu's VR experience is coming this fall, but an exact release date and list of device availability is still TBA.