Hilton looks into claims its hotels' shops were hacked

If you've been spendy at one of Hilton's hotels in recent memory, you may want to double-check your financial records. The company is investigating claims by security guru Brian Krebs that hackers compromised banking card data at a "large number" of Hilton's gift shops and restaurants, ranging from Doubletree locations all the way to posh Waldorf Astoria hotels. The intruders reportedly broke into point-of-sale machines as far back as November 2014, and it's possible that their attacks are continuing to this day.

Hilton is quick to point out that card fraud is "all too common," and that it works with "some of the top experts" in security to keep you safe. Those are true (just ask Target), but the concern is that the company didn't do enough to either offer a strong initial defense or to catch the breaches until several months after they began. And no matter how vigilant the chain was, these statements won't be much consolation if thieves use your accounts to go on a shopping spree.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan]