GoPro unveils a low-cost action camera with WiFi

If you've wanted a low-cost GoPro camera so far, you've had to forego wireless. That's a big sacrifice, especially when an increasing number of competitors can do more for less. The company is finally seeing the light, however. It just unveiled the Hero+, an entry-level (well, by GoPro standards) action cam that catches up in a big way. You now have to pay just $200 (£170) to get Bluetooth and WiFi instead of the usual $300-plus, which will help when you're looking for a remote control or want to send adventure footage to your phone. You'll also get a welcome upgrade to 60 frames per second 1080p video (up from the Hero's 30FPS) and a bump in still shooting from 5 megapixels to 8. The Hero+ should hit store shelves worldwide starting on October 4th, and it won't be the only relatively low-cost cam in GoPro's roster.

You see, GoPro is simultaneously cutting the price of its extra-compact Hero4 Session to $300, or a full hundred bucks off its original sticker. That still makes the cuboid cam relatively expensive, but you're no longer paying the same kind of money that you would for a full-size Hero4 with 4K video, touchscreen control and other luxuries. Between this and the Hero+, GoPro is acknowledging that the action cam business isn't just about catering to dedicated enthusiasts and pros with cash to burn -- amateurs want many of the same features, and they can't always afford $400 or more to get those perks.