Netflix actually made a Netflix and Chill button, and you can too

Netflix Button

When they aren't stress-proofing servers and using playback data to pinpoint which episode made you binge-watch the rest of a show, Netflix engineers also like to build things. At the 2015 World Maker Faire this weekend, the company unveiled its prototype and instructions for a big button that it calls "The Switch." When you hit it, The Switch dims the lights, activates your phone's Do Not Disturb feature and gets Netflix ready for the streaming ahead. Think of it as a Netflix and Chill button, but with maybe less Chill.

The Netflix Switch is powered by a Particle Core, an Arduino-compatible development kit that features on-board WiFi. There's also a battery, a bunch of LEDs and an IR transmitter that mimics the IR signal found on Netflix-compatible TVs. Netflix lists everything you need (including Philips' Hue lighting system), but you'll want to have a basic understanding of electronics, web servers and how APIs work before getting started.

If the project is a little out of your reach, the good news is that Netflix is taking proposals for its next build. Just head over to the "Make It" site and share your suggestion in the relevant box. Who knows, it might work out when you've have a rough day and deliver back-to-back Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episodes to cheer you up when you get home.

Netflix Switch