Google's Android Sensor Hub knows how your Nexus is moving

In addition to its new Nexus 5X and 6P handsets, Google also revealed a low-power secondary processor during its September 29th event. This added chip resides in both models. It's called the Android Sensor Hub and acts to monitor the device's movement, not unlike the co-processor in the new iPhone 6s. The dedicated processor connects directly to the camera's sensors to reduce the phone's overall power consumption. This chip allows the phone to run advanced activity-recognition algorithms that, say, notice when you start a run or hop on your bike -- even if you haven't turned on the screen. This feature also will allow users to subtly check their notifications. With the Sensor Hub, the phone knows when it's been picked up and will automatically display notifications in a low-power white-on-black text until the screen has been properly activated.

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