Nauto's dash cam promises to make old cars a little smarter

As much as we would love a self-driving ride with fancy pedestrian detection technology, nobody thought to add it to our '96 Dodge Stratus. Thankfully a new startup called Nauto is hoping to remedy this issue with a plug-in kit that, when it launches, will provide you with some of the perks that come with buying a new car. Effectively, the Nauto is a dash camera that monitors the surrounding vehicles as well as your face, keeping track of your eye movements and making sure you're being safe.

As Re/code reports, the system is launching today with a limited trial where the gear will be installed in some private taxi, bus and limo fleets across San Francisco. Once connected, the devices will inform its siblings about potential hazards, traffic jams and other such useful information designed to making driving less stressful. If that sounds like your bag, then ordinary folks are likely to get their first chance with the tech in the Fall of 2016 -- with the Nauto camera costing $400, plus a monthly subscription fee. No matter which way you slice it, that's a damn sight cheaper than buying a brand new Tesla Model X with all the trimmings.