Skype dons Android Wear support

If you've been waiting for the day you can use Skype on your Android Wear watch, then update your app ASAP. The messenger now supports the wearable platform and gives you a way to read and reply to new messages on your wrist using pre-written responses or via the voice-to-text feature. You can also reply with emojis, though, just like on Skype for Apple Watch. To do so, channel your inner artist -- or not, since it looks like the app can recognize even first-grade level emoticon doodles -- and draw on the watchface.

In addition, the updated app gives you the power to take calls from your watch: sure, it will transfer to your phone, but you can still talk hands-free if you connect a Bluetooth speaker or headset. Skype specifically names the Moto 360, Huawei Watch, LG Watch Urbane and the ASUS ZenWatch as devices the messenger will work with in its announcement post. Still, it didn't mention any limitations, so download away even if your device isn't in that list.