'Mass Effect' is getting its own theme park attraction

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Jon Fingas
September 30th, 2015
'Mass Effect' is getting its own theme park attraction

Theme park attractions tend to be based on well-worn movies, if they're based on anything at all, but games? Not so much. However, Santa Clara-based California's Great America is planning to change that. It's launching a Mass Effect-based attraction in 2016 that will have a performer take you to a "distant planet," where you'll fight "larger-than-life foes" through a blend of 3D and "4D" (time travel?) effects. There's no mention of just who or what will make a cameo, although we wouldn't be surprised if Commander Shepard and the Reapers show up. Let's just hope it isn't too faithful to the in-game experience -- you probably wouldn't get a kick out of scanning planets for a few hours, or watching your favorite characters die.

Mat Smith contributed a ridiculous picture to this post.

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