'Mass Effect: Andromeda' coming holiday 2016

We've waited and waited for solid details on Mass Effect: Andromeda for what seems like an eternity and now we have a few more. The game launches next holiday season, to start. That's big enough on its own, but BioWare had even more to share from the stage of its press event here at E3 2015. Since it's using the Frostbite game engine pioneered by DICE, the game looks predictably gorgeous. It's in a new galaxy; the Mako is back; you're an N7 officer once again. You're playing as a human male or female, but not as the character seen in the trailer. BioWare says that Andromeda's "very much a new adventure" and that it takes place quite a bit after the events of Mass Effect 3.

The game will only be available for PC and current-gen consoles. And while the trailer was built with Frostbite, that wasn't actual gameplay you saw: The clip is the studio's target look for the game. So, while the engine is powerful and capable of pretty impressive results, you might need to temper your expectations a bit.

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