Bud Light's connected fridge ensures you never run out of beer

There's no good time to run out of beer. And if it's going to happen, it's usually when you have friends over or your team is in a close game. To ease the frustration of drinking up all of your suds, Bud Light has the Bud-E Fridge. The mini fridge for folks who are #UPFORWHATEVER monitors the number of bottles inside (it holds 78, by the way) and lets you now when they hit the "optimal temperature" for drinking. There's also a display on the outside, so a quick glance at the door lets who know how many beers you have. Those stats are beamed via WiFi to a mobile app on both iOS and Android which will also alert you if the game day supply is too low when your favorite NFL team is getting ready to take the field. It also has a countdown timer so you'll know the exact moment those beers hit the proper temp.

As you might expect, the fridge also works with Bud Light's home delivery effort so you won't have to leave the couch when the stock gets dangerously low. Unfortunately, the Bud-E Fridge is only available to California residents right now, and you need to be in San Francisco, LA or San Diego to have a fresh supply delivered. If you happen to live in the Golden State, though, you can snag one for $299 before the price goes up to a whopping $599. Of course, the crew here at Engadget HQ wonders if you could use the fridge to manage your supply of good beer. We're willing to skip the delivery feature to give it a go.