The Liberty Trike is a 21st century Rascal

Tired of being shuttled about like a sack of potatoes by your current electric getaround? Want to at least pretend that you're getting a workout while scooting to the supermarket? Then you're going to want to take a magic tricycle ride aboard the Liberty Trike. This power-assist three-wheeler, which is currently in the midst of an already-funded Indiegogo campaign, will retail for roughly $2,000 when it's expected to hits the streets next October.

Riders will have the option of pedalling the tricycle or engaging the onboard electric motor which has a top assisted-speed of 11.5 MPH and a range of 24 miles using its 36V, 750W Lithium battery pack. A full charge only requires about 3 hours of wall time, according to the company. In all, the trike will reportedly be able to accommodate up to 300 combined pounds of cargo and rider up "most inclines." Plus, there's none of that "balancing" malarkey endemic to bicycles.The trike even includes a speed-limited reverse gear for backing out of tight spaces, though you will need to make your own beeping noises.