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Toyota's hydrogen concept car could power your concept home

Toyota's hydrogen concept car could power your concept home
James Trew
James Trew|@itstrew|October 9, 2015 11:08 AM

While we're stuck working out the mpg of a practical family sedan, Toyota's off playing with our dreams (or nightmares) with cars like the above. The latest round of concepts from the Japanese auto-maker are being shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, and include a diminutive, sporty-looking Scion S-FR (reverse-world FR-S?), the hot rod-esque Kikai and the hyper-futuristic FCV Plus (pictured).

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While the S-FR and the Kikai are cool (I'd love to roll up to work in the latter), it's likely the FCV Plus that speaks to us most. Not only does it look exactly how cars from the future should, it's designed to run on hydrogen. Like its predecessor, the FCV Plus can also be used as a general-purpose electricity generator (by connecting external fuel cells), and used to power, well, anything really.

It's not just about cleaner power, the design of the FCV Plus puts the fuel cell and tank at either end of the car, and the four individual electric motors are embedded inside each wheel. This means our ride of the future might only measure 150" x 69" x 60", but pretty much all the interior space is for you (and your robot butler).

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Toyota's hydrogen concept car could power your concept home