The weird and the wonderful from Japan's biggest tech show

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Mat Smith
October 10th, 2015
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The weird and the wonderful from Japan's biggest tech show

CEATEC 2015 is trade show that tries to thinly spread a trend across a whole range of exhibitors: traditional electronics giants like Honda, Sharp and Panasonic mix with university research projects, startups, and just outright weird things. This year, however, there wasn't a standout one. The Internet of Things, energy efficient transport and increasingly precise robots were three vague themes, but with flashes of occasional crazy brilliance. You'll find the best discoveries from half a week in Chiba, Japan, right here. And as a sort-of-sayonara to the show, here's a gallery of the freakier sights.

Gallery: The weirdness of CEATEC 2015 | 8 Photos

  • Provided without context
  • Rabu Rabu
  • Hello Kitty
  • Laser paddle
  • Wooden robots
  • RoboHon: the robot hphone
  • The future
  • RoboHon: The Robot Phone (Part 2)
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