Google releases improved Cardboard SDK and adds Street View

Google announced today that its Cardboard VR app is now available in 100 countries for both iOS and Android. The company also stated that the app's software development kit has been improved. According to the Google Developer's Blog, the new SDK now features better drift control thanks to "a major overhaul of the sensor fusion algorithms that integrate the signals from the gyroscope and accelerometer." This should diminish the amount of "drift" wherein the displayed images continue to move even after your head has stopped turning.

The SDK is also now compatible with the Unity programming language which enables the app to work with both Metal rendering on iOS as well as Android's multi-threaded rendering system. Most exciting, however, is the news that Cardboard now works with Street View. Users can now immersively explore most anywhere in the world simply by sliding on a Cardboard-compatible headset.

[Image Credit: lede - Bloomberg via Getty Images, inline - Google]