ICYMI: Pig organ donors, 3D-printed car fashion and more

ICYMI: Pig Organ Donors, 3D-Printed Car Fashion and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: Gene researchers published a paper detailing how they removed DNA sequences from pig cells that are normally harmful to humans, which could eventually lead to pig organs successfully being used in humans. No word on how the pigs feel about that. A clothing line made to synchronize with Audi at a car show put vehicle sensors within the clothing, reacting when people got near. And MIT's Media Lab continues its work with a kinetic energy machine that can react to people waving a hand over it. It's half art, half mesmerizing.

On the off chance you are immune to all things Back to the Future, you may have missed that it's the 30th anniversary. That's why Universal just unveiled a commercial starring the most annoying brah future kid, peddling an official hoverboard replica. Please hate watch it with me?

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