Google invests in Africa's largest wind power farm

A Vestas wind turbine

Google's big bet on clean energy isn't just limited to the US or Europe -- far from it. The search firm just promised to invest in Africa's largest wind farm, the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Kenya, by buying turbine maker Vestas' 12.5 percent stake when the farm is complete. Lake Turkana should generate 310MW of energy when all is said and done, or as much as 15 percent of Kenya's current output. That could not only help the country transition to green energy sources, but give it the kind of reliable electricity that's tough to find in the region.

There are some self-serving reasons to invest, of course. More electricity means that more Kenyans get online (and thus see web ads), and it'd give Google an eco-friendly power source for any future data centers. However, it's hard to knock the deal when it could improve both the environment and the quality of life for a whole nation.

[Image credit: Vestas]