Google Maps for Android displays quick stops along your route

Google Maps' upcoming update for Android devices adds a really handy feature that sounds especially useful during grueling road trips. Android Police got its hands on a copy of the app's new version, which now shows quick stops along your current route, so long as it's in Navigation mode. It already has shortcuts for common pit stops like gas stations, restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores that you can click. But if you're looking for something else, say a motel or a specialty shop, you can use the "Search for more places option," as well. You can access these quick stop buttons by clicking the Search icon on the top right corner -- note that it turns into a mic icon and stays like that while the buttons are shown on screen. If you check Google Play and the update isn't available yet (it's also not out for this editor yet), don't worry: you can download the APK courtesy of Android Police.