Leica's SL full-frame camera features an impressive high-res EVF

Fresh off of its Q release this past summer, Leica is back with another full-frame camera: the SL Typ-601. The new shooter, which Leica says is geared toward professional photographers, comes with a 24-megapixel CMOS sensor, Maestro II processor, an ISO range of up to 50,000, WiFi for remote access and image sharing and a weather-sealed body. Leica's latest SL also features an 11 fps continuous shooting mode and max mechanical shutter speeds of 1/8,000 -- the company says an electronic option will be available at a later point. Video-wise, you'll have access to both 1080p and 4K (3,840 x 2,160), with the latter capable of handling 24 and 30 fps. While the SL is stacked with all of the aforementioned specs, Leica wants people to focus on the new, round 4.4-megapixel (60 fps) electric viewfinder; it is the highest resolution EVF on the market, according to the German manufacturer.

Although I did have the chance to shoot briefly with the SL Typ-601, I wasn't allowed to extract any sample images out of the camera. But let me tell you: The moment you pick this thing up, you're able to feel the prowess of Leica's top-of-the-line build materials. It has a beautiful design, too, thanks to a black frame that's made from a solid block of aluminum. The camera arrives on November 16th for $7,450 body-only, and there will be lens adapters to make it compatible with current and legacy Leica lenses. While the Leica SL does pack a punch, you could buy a similarly specced product for a lot less money -- such as Sony's wonderful A7R II, which costs about $3,200. That said, the company does know there are brand enthusiasts who won't mind paying the premium.