Barnes & Noble unveils a waterproof Nook e-reader

If you're Barnes & Noble, how do you make an e-reader that stands out when Amazon's Kindle all but dominates the market? By making it usable in the bath, that's how. The at-times struggling bookseller has unveiled the Nook GlowLight Plus, whose centerpiece is a waterproof and dustproof aluminum body -- you won't have to panic if it gets wet. This is also the first E Ink-based Nook to support profiles (handy in a literary family), and its 300-dpi screen is twice as sharp as what you saw in the original GlowLight. The Plus probably won't get you to switch readers if you're a Kindle loyalist, but the $130 price is about right if you're a newcomer or want to trade up from one of the earlier Nooks.