Domino's built a pizza delivery car with its own oven

You have to sympathize with pizza delivery drivers. They're rarely driving more than an everyday car (often their own), which won't do much to help them get a pizza to your door on time. Clearly, Domino's Pizza feels their pain. The food giant has unveiled the DXP (Delivery ExPert), a heavily modified Chevy Spark that's focused on pie transport. The star attraction is an outward-facing oven in the back -- drivers can grab your piping-hot pizza without skipping a beat. There's also storage space for a whopping 80 pizzas (office party, anyone?), an out-for-delivery light and a puddle light to prevent any rude surprises when stepping outside.

This sounds like a one-off concept car, but it's very much intended for the real world. Roush is helping Domino's build 100 DXPs that will reach 25 US cities within the next 90 days, including Boston, Dallas, New Orleans, San Diego and Seattle. And it may well make financial sense for Domino's, even if it seems expensive at first glance. The oven and storage should help drivers deliver more pizzas per trip, and make sure that you're happy when your food arrives. It's advertising on wheels, too. While you probably won't ever see the local pizza joint operating cars like this, it won't be surprising if the big chains leap on this idea in hopes of getting a competitive edge.