Meet the J-Pop 'idol' robot that dances and dresses up just for you

This robot is a better dancer than half of the Japanese pop idol groups it's trying to emulate. While we're not going to torture ourselves (or you) by deep-diving into the curious phenomenon of Japanese idol units, but these robots were designed for (more often than not, male) fans looking to have a performer that, according to IT Media Lab: "dances especially for me" and those that wanted to create "their own performance stage in their home." Ahem.

The robot will be customizable through 3D-printed parts, and you'll be able to dress it up in outfits to boot. The schematics will be given out for free -- although the robot won't be. Prices start from 138,000 yen (roughly $1,150), which is more than enough to see human-populated groups like Babymetal or AKB48 several, several times over.

The company that designed the robot also plans to collaborate with a handful of idol groups. And, er, we may be paying a visit to its debut concert next week. Out of morbid fascination. For investigative journalism.