Plex's redesigned desktop media player comes with 4K support

Just as it did in 2012, Plex is once again bringing a new look to its desktop app for PCs. Back then the service focused on offering more of a living room-friendly experience, hence the application being renamed to Home Theater. Now, Plex Media Player intends to keep that going, but with an improved user interface that matches its various TV apps that will "leave all that original code behind." To help, it's switched the media playback engine to mpv, and hired the primary contributor from that open source project as a full timer to help out. Aside from the redesigned and speedier UI, which brings it in line with Plex's smart TV, console and set-top apps, there's support for a "true" 4K interface, multi-channel music tracks and improved compatibility with H.265 video files, among other things. PlexPass subscribers can try out an early preview of the app now, before it releases for everyone later on. According to Plex, Home Theater will continue to be available and open source, though the firm doesn't have any plans to continue developing for it.