ICYMI: Pocket 3D scanner, light show record and more

ICYMI: Pocket 3D Scanner, Light Show Record and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: Russia set a world record for the largest projected light show that took 140 Panasonic projectors to display. A Kickstarter project for Ulo the security camera is truly one of the most adorable pieces of tech we've seen for quite some time. And the EORA 3D scanner attaches to a smartphone and can upload scans to 3D compatible printing services right from the app.

We also wanted you to take a look at this robot that was designed to dance along to J-pop music.

And unless you were hunkered down with Joe Biden, you definitely already saw that it was Back to the Future day yesterday: The day Marty traveled to in the future, inside a DeLorean. We couldn't resist weaving in random clips because it gave us a reason to watch BTTF clips all day so for that, we have no regrets.

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