Blue's Lola headphones slim down for a more comfortable fit

Blue, a company known primarily for its microphones, announced its Mo-Fi headphones last year. They sound great, but the cans are quite hefty. Mo-Fi houses a built-in amp to handle the high-quality audio, so the extra weight is necessary, albeit somewhat uncomfortable during extended listening sessions. Now, the company has a comfier headphone option with Lola. These new headphones leave out the amp, which cuts out the extra weight, and feature a slimmer headband. Without the bulk of the Mo-Fi, Blue says Lola brings the high-fidelity sound in a package that's more cozy.

Lola packs in the same custom 50mm drivers and enclosures as last year's model, so we're expecting sound quality that lives up to the company's reputation for stellar audio. That unique multi-jointed constructed that flexes and pivots to fit your head snugly is back as well. As you might expect, Lola isn't as expensive as Mo-Fi, hitting your wallet for $250 when the headphones go on sale next month. When they arrive, expect to nab them in either black or white color options from the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, Guitar Center and other retailers where you'd normally find Blue's gear. Arriving a little later in the UK, Lola will be available for £200 through Amazon at some point in December.