Playdate: A (probably terrifying) chat with 'SOMA' dev Ian Thomas

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Playdate: A (probably terrifying) chat with 'SOMA' dev Ian Thomas

Well, the chat may not be terrifying, but the game certainly will be. Today on Playdate, we're diving into two horrifying, Halloween-worthy games, SOMA and PT. SOMA is the creepy underwater game from Amnesia: The Dark Descent studio Frictional Games, and PT is Konami's once-promising haunted-house exploration teaser for a game that's sadly not going to be made. While we're playing SOMA, we'll conduct a live interview with Ian Thomas, Frictional's level scripter and gameplay programmer. Let's find out what makes a master of digital horror tick. Playdate kicks off at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific and you can watch live right in this post, on the Engadget Gaming homepage or on

Playdate's PS4 Halloween Horror: 'SOMA' and 'PT'

[We're streaming these PS4 games at 720p through OBS, so rest assured that they'll look dramatically better on your setup at home.]

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