Snapchat tells everyone to chill out over its new privacy policy

A few days ago, Snapchat updated its terms of use and privacy policy with some broadly-worded clauses that sent the internet into a tailspin. If you read it one way, you'd think that the firm would begin stockpiling your genital selfies, share them with the world and not even delete the pic on request. Of course, the company has now gone into damage-control mode, asking everyone to relax and clarifying that shots of your downstairs region remain your own business -- unless some cheeky individual screenshots something that they shouldn't.

Kal Penn was one of many to raise the alarm concerning the new terms

Snapchat has taken to its blog to explain that it re-worded the documents to be written in the "way people actually talk" in order to be "upfront and clear" with users. It also clarified the point that the images that it wants permission to retain and share are just your public shots so that they can be syndicated across the globe. Since the firm is now offering in-app purchases in the form of paid replays, it had to insert clauses asking for permission to sell those images.

This isn't the first time that a ham-fisted update to a terms of service has caused some pretty negative blowback. Earlier this year, Spotify suffered a backlash from plenty of people after updating its policy with vague, ill-defined legalese that made it sound as if it was going to sneak into your home and steal your cat. Perhaps it's time for all of these companies to begin thinking seriously about hiring some better lawyers.

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