Wireless charging's smaller players unite as the AirFuel Alliance

The wireless charging world can usually be reduced to two factions: the Qi standard... and then everyone else. However, those frequently neglected alternatives are now rallying around a common banner. Meet the AirFuel Alliance, the new name for the recent union between the Alliance for Wireless Power and the Power Matters Alliance. The name is a bit silly (fuel isn't exactly electric, folks), but it'll give Intel, Samsung and the 193 other member companies a clearer way to represent their "inclusive" approach to wire-free power.

There's no certainty that the AirFuel badge will help the group's chances, but it certainly won't hurt. The existence of three major wireless charging standards has led to a lot of uncertainty -- there's that lingering fear that you may be stuck with the 'wrong' technology inside your phone or tablet. If AirFuel can help consolidate the industry down to two wireless charging standards, you could see less confusion and broader hardware support.