Google reportedly abandons plan to open retail store in NYC

Remember those rumors about Google opening a chain of retail stores? Apparently, it isn't happening -- at least not in New York City. According to Crain's the retail space the company leased (and spent $6 million renovating) in NYC's SoHo district last year is back on the market. If the search giant is opening a retail location, it won't be at 131 Greene Street.

It's not clear if Google is giving up on retail stores altogether, or if it's just considering another location, but the company won't lose money on Greene Street. The property is being advertised as a space for a "brand at the top of their field," and carries a annual rent cost of $2.25 million -- certainly enough to recoup Google's renovation expenses. It's a competitive location, too: just half a block from the SoHo Apple Store.

Alas, no Google store is coming to NYC this year -- but I hear Amazon is selling books in Seattle.