Flickr takes advantage of iOS 9 and your iPhone 6s

The pressure-sensitive touch on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus was practically tailor-made for quickly glancing at photos, so wouldn't it make sense that major photography apps let you do just that? Flickr sure thinks so. It's launching an updated iOS app that takes full advantage of iOS 9, including 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s line. You can peek at photos, people and notifications with a firm push. It'll even flip through your camera roll if you swipe at the same time, giving you a quick way to share the right snapshot. As you might've guessed, that extra dimension also gives you home screen icon shortcuts that help you post photos that much sooner.

There's a couple of useful upgrades that apply regardless of the Apple smartphone you're carrying. Spotlight search helps you find albums and recent pictures without having to open the app, and universal links will send you straight to Flickr instead of kicking you to a web page. Between those additions and the 6s-specific features, this is a big update if you thrive on Yahoo's image service.