There's now a smart kegel exerciser for men, too

Every International Women's Day, a chorus of snippy men ask where's their equivalent day of celebration. For the last few years, British comedian Richard Herring has led a one-man quest to get them to shut up and stop whining, because International Men's Day is November 19th. The reason we bring this up, of course, is when news broke of a smart kegel exerciser for women, you can imagine the sort of comments that followed. Now, thankfully, Minna Life, creators of the original kGoal, is back to shut up everyone who's ever wanted a smartphone-controlled kegel exerciser for men. Say hello to the kGoal Boost.

Looking like someone's sliced the top from the saddle of a racing bike, the kGoal Boost is designed to be sat on. There's an air-filled cushion that sorta, kinda wedges itself up between your cheeks and, when you compress your pelvic floor, your perineum bulges. As it does, the cushion will measure the size of your bulge and report data to the companion app. Like with the original, the team are also promising that the app will feature mini games where you control a jumping character by doing those same exercises.

The benefit to all of this, according to kGoal's majestically-named expert Dr. Liz Miracle, is that a strong pelvic floor gives you some special skills. The most obvious two being that you'll have the bladder control of a camel and also that you'll be much better at doing it sexwise with another person, or yourself, probably. If all of this sounds up your street then early birds will be able to snag one for $75, with everyone else expected to pay $85. The gear is expected to arrive next summer, which is about how long it'll take me to stop giggling about being able to use the word perineum in a story on Engadget dot com.