Visit this digital art museum in real life or VR

Digital Museum of Digital Art

There's plenty of digital art, but it tends to either be meant for the physical world, where it disappears within weeks, or is strictly digital and risks losing some of its impact. However, a team of artists is promising both. Their Digital Museum of Digital Art will both be available in real life at a virtual reality exhibit (currently in Brooklyn from November 14th through December 19th) as well as through Mac and Windows apps you can run at home. The two-pronged approach not only keeps you from missing out, but gives artists a way to reach a wider audience without diminishing the impact of their work

However you view it, the experience is likely to be... trippy. The museum's "lobby" looks more like a Second Life room than artwork, but the actual exhibits are good examples of the 3D psychedelia you can produce when you're not constrained by reality. And importantly, things aren't fixed in place. On top of plans for in-person exhibits in Berlin and Miami, there are plans to refine the experience and introduce new installations, much like you would any other piece of software. If you're not bowled over now, in other words, there's a chance you might be later on.