easyJet's new cabin crew uniforms are covered in LEDs

Whether it's recon drones, VR training or 3D-printed plane parts, easyJet is quick to embrace new technologies. The company's latest experiment is a little more garish -- to mark its 20th birthday, cabin crew and engineers are getting brand-new uniforms littered with colourful LEDs. With the cabin crew, you'll notice tiny lights on their jacket lapels that illuminate to reveal flight numbers, destinations and other useful tidbits. Extra LEDs have been sewn onto the shoulders which, along with some illuminated hems, are designed to help staff and travellers in the event of an emergency. Finally, there are built-in microphones so the crew can communicate with one another and the passengers.

EasyJet's engineers, meanwhile, will be sporting new coats with LEDs attached to the hood. In theory, this should make it easier for them to work in difficult lighting conditions by keeping their hands free for the task at hand. Built-in microphones and cameras will help with remote diagnosis and repairs, while air quality sensors and barometers monitor their environment. The airline operator says the new engineer and cabin crew garments will be trialled in early 2016 -- the extra features could prove useful, although we suspect the designs won't be to everyone's tastes. They're a little Starlight Express, after all.