Sony's first 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray releases will arrive early next year

If you were hoping Ultra HD Blu-ray discs would be here in time for the holidays, you're going to have to wait a bit longer. Well, as far as Sony Pictures content is concerned anyway. The company announced today that its 4K Ultra HD discs will go on sale "in early 2016," missing the end-of-the-year estimate the Blu-ray Disc Association revealed back in August. When Sony's catalog does arrive, you can expect The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Salt, Hancock, Chappie, Pineapple Express, and The Smurfs 2 to be included in the first wave of releases. Newer movies like Fury and Captain Philips are in the works as well, and after being restored from the original film, the likes of Ghostbusters and The Fifth Element will make the leap to 4K, too.

Sony Pictures' releases will also support high dynamic range (HDR) and "next-gen immersive audio formats" to further enhance the experience. Unfortunately, other than the vague window Sony offered, we don't know exactly when the 4K Ultra HD discs will arrive. But hey, at least that gives us something to look forward to in 2016. And that gives you some time to save up for a 4K TV and player that you'll need to use the new Blu-ray discs.

[Image credit: Columbia Pictures]