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Steam Controller gives disabled player one-handed 'Skyrim' controls

Valve's Steam Controller, like PC gaming in general, is highly customizable. Whether you think its large, circular trackpads are an annoyance or a revolution, there are plenty of ways to tweak how they perform in-game. One thoughtful user, Chris Hepburn, has remapped the buttons in Skyrim to help a disabled player fully control their adventurer one-handed. The right haptic pad controls the camera, while tilting the controller up, down, left and right handles character movement. The right trigger is used both to attack and defend, depending on whether you tap or hold with your finger. The A, B, X and Y buttons have been left untouched, while tapping the left analog stick changes your immediate weapons. Hepburn says the control scheme works best with a cushion for support -- reaching for the analog stick and waggling the controller can get a little tiresome otherwise. The Reddit community has suggested he make a left-handed alternative too -- anything that makes games more accessible is a worthwhile endeavour in our books. Top work, Hepburn.