Tim Cook says Apple will learn from discrimination seen in Australia store

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Jessica Conditt
November 13th, 2015
Tim Cook says Apple will learn from discrimination seen in Australia store

A video hit the web this week showing Apple store employees in Melbourne, Australia, kicking out a group of black teenagers because security was worried "they might steal something." In the video, the teens (from Sudan and Somalia) repeatedly question the employees' concerns, but the only response they receive is, "End of discussion. I need to ask you to leave our store." Apple swiftly apologized and a senior manager from the site visited the students involved to assure them they were welcome at the store. Apple CEO Tim Cook sent an email to employees calling the incident "unacceptable," asserting the company's commitment to inclusivity and pledging to re-train its leadership in stores worldwide (as unearthed by Buzzfeed). "While I firmly believe that this was an isolated incident rather than a symptom of a broader problem in our stores, we will use this moment as an opportunity to learn and grow," he writes.

Tech companies, including Apple, have been under scrutiny in recent years for largely employing (and catering to) white men. Apple pledged in August to focus on bolstering employee diversity.

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