Google rewards restaurant reviewers with 1TB storage

Did you know that Google has its own, homegrown rival to services like Yelp and TripAdvisor? You do now. The search engine is hoping to improve the quality of its offering by handing perks to its unpaid contributors that keep everything updated. Before, they'd simply be provided recognition for their efforts, but now the firm will hand out some pretty tasty bonuses to those who make the most effort. Every review that you write will earn you a point, as will uploading photos, adding new locations to the database, fixing old errors and answering people's questions.

If you do this just a couple of times, you'll be eligible to enter a contest to win a new Nexus handset, while earning up to 49 points lets you get early access to Google product betas. If, however, you can produce comprehensive reviews of 100 different locations, you'll be rewarded with 1TB of Google Drive storage. Those who keep going once they've hit that milestone will even be given the chance to attend a Local Guides summit at the company's campus. If you're curious as to how far up the ladder you've progressed, update the Google Maps app on Android or iOS and look for the Contributions tab.