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Parrot's Bebop 2 drone doubles flight time to 25 minutes

If you haven't already bought one of the hundreds of drones that seem to be filling the market, Parrot has a new version of its personal flying camera. The Bebop 2 now has a 25 minute flight time which is more than double the 12 minutes of the previous version. It sports a 14MP fisheye-lens camera and 8GB of onboard flash storage. To make sure the videos are sharp, all the image stabilization is done with an software image processor instead of mechanical to keep the weight down. The new quad-copter is also faster than its predecessor hitting 37 miles per hour. The first Bebop topped out at 24 miles per hour. All that speed and flight time will cost you though. At $550 it's not exactly something most folks would buy for their kids for the holidays. But if you're in the giving mood, the Bebop 2 will be available on December 14.

Parrot says it's the drone that everybody can fly. Like the first Bebop, it can be flown via Wifi with an iPhone, Android device or VR headset for a first-person flight experience. For the headset, you'll need the Skycontroller which is part of an $800 bundle. With it you attach the an HDMI-capable and USB cable to the headset and pretend like you're a bird.