Apple Watch gets an official charging dock for $79

That didn't take long. Hot on the heels of a couple of leaks, Apple has released its very own Watch perch: meet the Magnetic Charging Dock. Fork over $79 and you'll get a plastic, Lightning-powered saucer that can power the Apple Watch either flat (when you just need a resting place) or upright (if you're using WatchOS 2's nightstand mode). It looks nice and should work particularly well if your watch doubles as a clock, although we'd note that there are cheaper options available if you're willing to reuse the standard charger. Elevation Lab has a $30 nightstand, for instance, while Twelve South will sell you a $60 stand. And did we mention there's no included USB power adapter? It still makes sense if you want to free up your existing puck, or dig the cushion-like appearance -- just know that you have other options.