SeatGeek lets you easily resell tickets, transfer them to friends

SeatGeek has made a name for itself with its mobile app, which lets you snap up tickets for sporting events, concerts and the like, while also giving you a view of your seat. But starting today, you can also use the new SeatGeek Marketplace to resell tickets without much fuss. You just need to drag a PDF of your ticket onto your SeatGeek account page and the service will grab all of the relevant event details for you. The company also uses its pricing data to suggest a potential price for your ticket that'll get you the best return. Payments are handled using Venmo, which means you won't have to give up your bank account details to SeatGeek, and the company takes a 15 percent cut from the sale. You can also transfer tickets to friends from SeatGeek's mobile apps and charge them at the same time (there's no transaction fee for friend transfers).

Of course, ticket reselling isn't anything new -- services like StubHub have been doing it for years. But they also require you to plug in ticket details manually, which can be a headache for some potential sellers. As co-founder Jack Groetzinger tells us, SeatGeek is aiming to streamline the process of ticket reselling, just as it did for ticket buying. At this point, you'll have to use the SeatGeek website on a desktop to list tickets, but eventually the company aims to bring the process completely over to its mobile apps.